Studies on Prayer

Lord, Teach Us to Pray: An Introduction to a New Study

Settings of Prayer

In the Night SeasonPsalm 42:8
In the Night SongPsalm 77
In the Thorns2 Corinthians 12:7–12
For a Troubled Church2 Thessalonians 2:16–17
In HumilityLuke 18:13
In a Wicked House2 Kings 20:1–7
In RepentancePsalm 51
In Fervency/FaithJames 5:16–18
On the MountainMark 6:46
In UnderstandingDaniel 9:1–19
In the Storm of UncertaintyMatthew 8:25
By the HighwaysideMark 10:46–52
In Dedication2 Chronicles 6–7
In Bitterness1 Samuel 1:1–11
On the CrossLuke 23:42
In the Depths of the SeaJonah 2:1
In the StreetLuke 8:41
On the HousetopActs 11:5
In FearPsalm 56:3
On the Waters of FearMatthew 14:30
In the MorningPsalm 5:3
At NoonActs 11:5; John 4:6,15
Throughout the DayPsalm 55:17; Daniel 6:10
In the EveningPsalm 4:7–8
At MidnightActs 16:25
In DecisionActs 1:24
In UnityActs 4:31
In ObedienceActs 10
In YouthPsalm 59
In AgeLuke 2:25
In the WildernessGenesis 21:16
In DepressionJob
In Earnestness/DespairActs 12:5
Before the Enemy2 Kings 19:1–7
At the Cleft of the RockExodus 33:18
In AgonyLuke 22:42
In ViolenceDaniel 2:14–18
At the DeathbedLuke 8:41
On the Deathbed2 Kings 20:1–3
At the TombJohn 11
In the Hour of DeathJohn 4:47–49
In ThirstJohn 4:15
At the WellJohn 4:40
Back from the Grocery StoreJohn 4:31
In LowlinessMatthew 15:21–31
In a Wicked NationHabakkuk 1
On the WatchtowerHabakkuk 2
In Renewed SightHabakkuk 3
In StoningActs 7
At the Water GateNehemiah 8:6
Of CommitmentNehemiah 9:4–38

Prayer in the Church

In the Church’s ExpectationActs 1:14
In the Church’s SteadfastnessActs 2:42
In the Church’s DecisionActs 1:24; 6:4
In the Church’s DeterminationActs 4:31
In the Church’s DespairActs 12:5
In the Church’s DispatchingActs 13:3
In the Church’s DedicationActs 14:23
In the Church’s DevotionActs 16:13

Unanswered Prayers or Unexpected Answers

Prayer in the Thorns2 Corinthians 12:7–12
Prayer in Limited SightJohn 11:1–4
Prayer at the End of Strength1 Kings 19

Prayers of Nehemiah

In the Wintertime PalaceNehemiah 1:4–11
Within Reach of the KingNehemiah 2:4
In the Building of the WallsNehemiah 4:4–5
In the Patching of the WallsNehemiah 4:9
For Cleansing Inside the WallsNehemiah 5:13
In Guarding the WallsNehemiah 5:14–19
For Strength Against the SnareNehemiah 6:9
Against the False ProphetsNehemiah 6:14
For Remembrance in Cleansing the TempleNehemiah 13:14
For Remembrance in Cleansing the GatekeepersNehemiah 13:22
For Remembrance in Cleansing the PriestsNehemiah 13:29
For Remembrance in Cleansing the People/Appointing the SacrificeNehemiah 13:31

Prayers of Paul

Prayers of David

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