Reconciling Problems With Truth

Art thou not from everlasting, O LORD my God, mine Holy One? We shall not die. O LORD thou hast ordained them for judgment; and O mighty God, thou hast established them for correction.

— Habakkuk 1:12

I’m really excited as we dig deeper into this book! Habakkuk began the book by recording his confusion as he looked around him at the sin and violence in Judah. He questions God for why He allows all this to take place. In response, God informs Habakkuk of the coming destruction of the Judah at the hands of the Chaldeans for the punishment of the sin and violence. Habakkuk is now even MORE confused! He looked at what was happening AROUND him and couldn’t make sense of it. He now looks IN FRONT of Him at the state of the Chaldeans and can’t make the sense of THIS either!

In this next prayer found in 1:12-17, we see that Habakkuk truly did have faith in the Lord God of Israel. He just has questions he must reconcile. Habakkuk acknowledges several truths concerning the Lord which he firmly holds on to, but he then answers each of these truths in reverse with the problems which his earthly eyes fail to reconcile –

  1. The Eternality of God (v. 12)
    • Why do the heathen continually rage? (v. 17)
  2. The Faithfulness of God (v. 12)
    • Why does it seem as though God has forsaken His covenant with Israel by destroying them? (v. 15-16)
  3. The Justice of God (v. 12)
    • Why does God let sin continue? (v. 13-14)
  4. The Holiness of God (v. 13)
    • Why does God look upon sin? (v. 13)

This book of perspectives we are studying through causes us to examine the problems WE see around us which we must reconcile with Biblical truths we know to be right. As we continue through this book, we must examine which lens we are using to view the world. How should we respond toward sin? How should we act toward those who would do our nation harm? What should be our character in the midst of violence and sin? Friends, we are living in the Last Days. Born-Again Believers AND their Local Churches must acquire spiritual sight if we are to stand strong in these days. There are no loopholes in God’s reasoning! There are no flaws in his design! There are Born-Again Believers who live defeated spiritual lives because they don’t take the time to reconcile the problems they SEE with the truths they KNOW to be right! Make a stand like Habakkuk! Not doubting the character of God but desiring to understand His ways more fully!

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